Drumroll, please…Enter… 2018!

The moon loomed bright and full last night, at home in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.  When I woke for a water break, both in and out...yes, I'm at that age...it was like standing in the sunshine.  The beams from the moon illuminated the room. "It's the NEW YEAR," I remembered, and there seemed to be a sense of calm and peace in the air.  All things seemed possible and hopeful. I wanted to hang on to that feeling as I shuffled back…
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The Open Road of Summer

Smell the possibilities Here it is… the day of the last final exam… the days of rising early, way too early, will soon only be a distant memory … until next year of course. We look at our children, marveling at how time has flown, how quickly they are growing up, and, of course, how in the world are we going to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the summer? For me, the cusp of summer, even more than the…
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Ageless Swans

  There are so many ways to get in your workout these days:  a quick jog, a trip to the machines at the gym, a bike ride if the weather co-operates.  But several of my friends have decided to check their egos at the door in the pursuit of something more mindful and meaningful for their ‘my bodywork time’  —  and they enroll in Adult Ballet classes.  I think of them as ageless swans. Now, don’t get me wrong, these are not women…

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Which Way Is North?

Which way is North? As I walked down my street today, my BIRTH-DAY, I looked up and saw this beautiful “sign,” and yes, anyone who knows me knows that I believe the universe is always sending me signs and roadmaps … I just don’t always listen. Like most professional dancers, at a very young age I had a dream of becoming a  ballerina, joining a major ballet company, traveling all around the world doing what I loved, and getting paid…

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